Diamond Inventory

We are specialising in Top make small size Diamonds (500 stones per
carat up to 10 pointers) but carry inventory of bigger sizes in Round,
Pearshape, Marquise and Princess cut also. In Round Brillant Diamonds
we carry stocks in White, Top light brown, D.brown and Black Diamonds.
Since we specialise in small sizes, we can give you the benefit of supplying
quantity in small goods (lots of sizes) and with a regular supply.

Fancy shapes are also available in quantity, according to sizes from 2 pts
uptil 15 pts and in MM also. Fancy shapes - Princess, Marquise and

From 30 pts up, we have certificates from IGI, GIA and Hrd. We have a stock
from our suppliers also, so can give your company the benefit, that we can
supply many stones of a particular size of quality according to your
requirements. So we can supply couples and trilogy sets.

If we don't have the Diamond that you require, we will find it and supply it to
our regular customers at no extra premium.

Only by working with us, you can find out the real service and benefits for
your company.

Feel free to contact us for any of your requirements.
Diamond Inventory