About Us

Shamas bvba was established in Antwerp, Belgium over 30 years ago.
A family run company with experience and knowledge in Polish
Diamonds.  With all our experience ,we help our customers in the
changing and ever developing World Diamond Industry.

We have created our clientele base with our constant/regular supply
of diamonds. .

We are wholesalers and work with wholesalers in Germany, France,
Italy, switzerland, Uk, Usa, Middle east, India, and Hong kong.

We are small enough to give all the personal attention to our
customers and still big enough to work and arrange all sorts of goods
for our clients as per their requirements.

We work personally with every order for every customer, so the client
benefits from the assortment, price and supply of Diamonds.

We specialise in Small size Polished Diamond in top makes.
We specialise in -2, -6.5 and +6.5 in all qualities in White, Brown and
Black Diamonds. We also have round diamonds upto 2cts.
Fancy shapes- Pearshape, Marquise and Princess also in stock from
1,8mm up.